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Well, that’s TWO weeks gone now of my 5-week Crowdfunding Campaign to try & raise funds so I can record my first ‘proper’ studio album & try to launch my music career!

I have already had some wonderful donations from generous friends – thank you so much, people!I have received 5% of my target funds so still a long way to go which is why I need your help and the clock is really ticking, so please, please, please help me move my head up the guitar neck in the campaign progress picture below by making any donation you can afford.

The link to my campaign is here: Mark’s Crowdfunding Campaign

For those of you wishing to kindly donate – you can either ‘Back It’, or if you would like one of my Donation Perks you can scroll down and ‘Get Perk’ – whichever Perk Donation you wish to make and you will receive those perks listed once my album (or EP) is finished next year, as a thank you.

For those who would rather not donate but would still like to do something, you can help enormously by sharing this campaign link with people you know who might be able, or willing, to help me. So please SPREAD THE WORD!!

Many thanks, Mark 🙂

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